Bright Day

Bright Day is the most important tech festival of the Netherlands. We improved the website together with RTL, using persuasion techniques and funnel optimizations. Result? More qualitative website visitors, thus more festival visitors. And? Sold out!

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From customer journey to ticket sales

During Bright Day, for one weekend a year, Expo Haarlemmermeer is full of demonstrations, workshops, games and the latest technology. Our job? A smooth customer journey on desktop and mobile.
On the homepage and program page, we play with persuasion techniques to stimulate conversion. And have you been persuaded to buy a ticket? Thanks to an improved flow, you can now do a ticket easy and fast.


Persuasion techniques, funnel optimizations and a great user experience

ensure greater ticket sales

1. Show, don't tell

Do you want to convince a potential customer? Then show what you are selling. In this case, the most important pages are the homepage and the program. The program page was brushed up with buttons on large photo blocks that had the starting times of the activities on them. The USPs, but than visually. The site also became responsive, so that you could buy your ticket from any device, anytime and anywhere.


2. Once the dam breaks, the flood comes

In the customer journey, we applied different persuasion principles. On the homepage, we put a big button: “Already 50,000 visitors were ahead of you”. Cialdini’s social proof technique. We kicked that up a notch with a countdown calendar: urgency. On the ticket page, we placed bars with the number of tickets still available: scarcity. Logos of cooperating partners provided authority and thanks to a call to action on each page, every visitor went to the virtual store in no time.


3. Optimize the user experience

The seduction has worked: you have to and will go to Bright Day. Now buying that ticket should not be too difficult. Using an expert review, we identified the steps where most people leave the purchasing process. For the impatient user, we eliminated unnecessary steps in the funnel and showed their progress in the ordering process. We also responded to specific needs of the visitor. For example, by offering a combination deal for adults with children, Bright Day became a day trip for both young and old alike.


4. A smart media budget

These improvements are of course very good, but they would be even better if they would be seen. Therefore, traffic must generated to the website. To be able to advertise effectively, we required insights into the performance per channel. That is why we developed a fixed format that could be monitored weekly by the RTL team. This enabled the team to check via which channels most traffic came in, to spend the budget accordingly and that way achieve the best result possible of the avalaible budget.


The result

During the time of our support, the conversion rate on the Bright Day website increased significantly. We achieved the targets for ticket sales. We also provided RTL, with a format to have control over the media budget. Finally, we have collected useful insights that are not only useful for Bright Day 2019, but for all kinds of other events as well!


The figures

These are the results when it comes to the figures:



Sold-out flights


Number of visitors


Thank you for your cooperation!

Thanks team Live Entertainment, RTL Marketing, and Bright!

Sell more tickets?

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